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  1. Contamination Commonly found behind Moldings after a Water Event that can make you sick.


If you find porous  materials  that are Wet, Smell, Show signs of Bio-deterioration or Staining  it's likely Mold... but why guess?  

For those that qualify,  Home and Business and Professional Contractors, within our service areas call now.   Set up  your FREE Limited Visual Assessment.

An experience & Licensed Mold Assessor will assist you. We 'll  ask a few questions about  history of the property or knowledge concerning recent repairs, remodeling, water or restoration.  Each of these events can produce problems leading to mold.  

​We can set up a  visit  to use our  thermal imaging and moisture mapping to help.   If we locate a source we'll recommend next steps to tell you more.  

Pre-Testing for Mold only under certain conditions is usually recommended.  Post Testing is almost always needed to prove the success of  our remediation project.    Read more under "Bio Aerosol Investigations," or call today for our next available appointment.

Biological Deterioration
Mold Deliberately  Concealed
by an Investor that Flipped a House.


Common Mold Problems All Caused By Water Intrusion

Because Nothing

is more important


 Home Improvement and General  Contractors , New Home Builders, Facility and Asset Managers. Residential Home Owners, Commercial Business, Non Profits and Government Buildings.

SafeHouse offers you, and those you care for the very best  in affordable Mold Removal Services.    

We  apply the accepted Standard of Care established by the Industry and Government (EPA) for Mold Removal.

 Be warned regardless of claims made about this new product or that, Mold must be cut  out of gypsum surfaces  24 inches past last visible to assure it won't return.   There are no short cuts. It requires the technicians to wear proper Personal Protection  and using equipment specifically designed to protect everyones Health and Safety from Mold Exposure.  

Engineering Controls, Containment Barriers,Drying and  Interim Controls to Prevent Future Mold Growth are all part of the steps followed by a knowledgeable professional that understands the cause and nature of Molds.    Want Professional Guidance about a possible mold problem call us.

HEPA Filtration on both AFD's and Vacuums must also be used. They remove contaminants from both surfaces and from the indoor air.   


 a lot of time and labor to acquire the goal, which is in Normal Fungal Ecology.     The tools and the equipment proposed in a scope of work from SafeHouse are a requirement  of the IICRC s500 .  When water is  still a problem and the area needs mitigated we apply the s500.  To preserve your property and its current value. as well as your Health call SafeHouse at 216 246-3157 now. 


> Professional Roofer

> Duct Cleaner

> A BPI Certified Energy Auditor

> Home Improvement/Insulation

> Restoration Contractor

> Plumber

> HVAC Mechanical Services

> Water Proofer

> Water and Mold Damage Assessor

> Odor and Mildew and Mold Remover

THIS IS  A FREE SERVICE for both Home and Business Owners and for  Contractors who qualify.  NO REFERRAL FEES INVOLVED.


Call us today 216 246-3157 for more information on qualifying to join  our team of Responsible Renovators.

Who is Responding to Help YOU with your Mold Problem?

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 Mold lives!   It grows and spreads based on certain conditions such as temperature, oxygen, a food source  (which must  be porous) and moisture introduced to that porous substrate.   

Moisture  (Past or Present) indoors  can result in "Mold becoming a Problem.  

Repairs that go unaddressed for an extended period of time and moisture

/humidity left behind causes mold growth. 

Wet drywall and carpet stimulates fungal growth.  In about 72 hours you may smell the problem before seeing anything.

Because mold travels in the Air's "Natural Environment" both  Outdoors  and Indoors by way of tiny spores  invisible to the naked eye understanding the nature of mold is very important to  finding the problem so that is can be removed. 

A Licensed Mold Assessor spends years learning the nature of Molds applying the training and experience earned.

 SafeHouse's team of Licensed Certified and Properly Insured professionals  helps people suffering the affects of mold    Call now for  your  FREE CONSULTATION..

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Mold Inspection and Testing

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Established in 2006 SafeHouse Solutions originally  sold a  product that was created by the US Military DOD  to  kill spores.   

In 2009 SafeHouse applied for a Grant through HHS to use this product in response to a need to "safely" reduce the incidence of Asthma and Allergies affecting children under 17 yrs of age. The cause was linked to exposure to Water and Moisture problems inside of homes that when left unaddressed created conditions ripe for  Odors and Fungal Contamination,

 It was the  award of that Research Grant through HUD's Healthy Homes Program working with a world renown  CIH (Certified Industrial Hygienist) and Mahoning County Department of Health that we gained knowledge and experience invaluable to understanding Mold and its NATURE.  

In 2010 SafeHouse. became  State Licensed (FLA)  and  today provides Mold Inspection & Removal services  across NE OH.